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CBSE Physics?
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What do I teach?

I teach physics to the students of 11th and 12th grade of CBSE. The emphasis is on fundamentals. This provides a solid foundation for competitive exams and advanced studies.

Teaching physics is an art. It is not simply giving definitions and derivations. I make things easy to absorb by spreading the ideas in nice, easy, and entertaining ways. I avoid long lectures and focus on problem-based, everyday application of physics. The goal is to enhance student engagement and maintain that throughout.

Although I know what I am teaching, I am not a walking encyclopedia. Rather, I am a facilitator of the process of learning physics. So if students ask a question, I let them think about the answer by asking related questions that could help them, and facilitate the answer. I encourage self-directed learning, and the ability of students to search for answers.

Ultimately, I try to enable the students to perform rather than just earn a certificate.

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Why choose me

I am a tutor who has four decades of experience tutoring 11th and 12th graders and who has coached more than 4,000 students so far.

I'm a tutor who knows what it is like to be a student who may lack confidence, is stressed, overwhelmed, or simply does not understand the material.


I'm a tutor who will not hesitate to say that he does not know about a particular concept and will never bluff you.


I'm a tutor who is good at listening and understands students' misconceptions and errors.

I'm a tutor who encourages independence in his students and does not want the student to rely on him at all times. I let students know that they must put forth an effort to benefit from tutoring.

I'm a tutor who encourages his students to strive to be the best they can be, to reach their goals, to recognise their own strengths, and to focus on learning how to learn in order to be successful in the future.

I'm a tutor who does not make assumptions about students; I treat all students as individuals who want to learn and have the ability to learn, no matter what their personal background or circumstances are.

What to expect if you join us

‘No question asked’ refund of fee if you decide to leave the course midway

Free trial classes for up to 14 calendar days.

You will be provided with the study material and assignments prepared by me.

You will have my help in completing all of the exercises in assignments, NCERT books, selected ones from "Exemplar Problems" and H. C. Verma's "Concept of Physics," as well as previous years' question papers.

You can count on my availability 24/7, via WhatsApp, text, or phone call to clear up any doubts - even at midnight.

You finish your class 12 curriculum by the end of October and your class 11 curriculum by the end of December. The remaining time is spent reviewing the syllabus, solving previous year's papers, and teaching you how to write answers. Your tutor will accompany you until your final exams.

You will be the part of our stunning results—check them out in the results section.

College Students


Excellent teacher who goes above and beyond to ensure that his students are able to understand the concepts behind ideas and theorems. With an in-depth knowledge about his subject, he tries his best way possible to clear doubts of his students, especially my silly doubts. His assignment sheets are based on conceptual problems something which made us understand how to apply rules and theorems to virtual problems and to think beyond the box.
Everyone student deserves a teacher like him.

Vanya - Delhi Public School, Noida


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