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During the academic year, there will be three breaks from lessons: a one-week break in June (9th to 18th), a one-week break in September, and another one-week break in January. The dates of the September and January breaks will be announced later.

In June, most Indian families take a vacation. Students are busy with mid-term exams in September, and they do not attend classes in January due to weather conditions. During these times, students' attendance is extremely low, and there is very little opportunity for lessons.

Furthermore, I believe that this will benefit students' academic performance, because they will be less stressed during their time off and will not have to worry about missing classes. Students are already taking additional classes to compensate for the brief interruptions.


Google Meet will be used for online classes.

Both in-person and online classes will run in exact parallel. A student can switch between them at any time.

The Saturday session will be a hybrid, with both online and in-person students.

Study notes and assignments will be posted in the dedicated WhatsApp group. Students must bring printouts of the same to class. No printed material will be provided in the class.

In the event of a lockdown or restrictions imposed by the authorities, students enrolled in the in-person mode will be required to attend online classes according to the schedule provided above.

Students must adhere to COVID protocols as advised by the authorities from time to time.

Mr Khan will, under no circumstances, be held responsible by the parents in the unfortunate event that their daughter or son contracts COVID-19 or any other illness or complication. Participating in in-person classes is entirely at your own risk.

For more information, please visit

I hope you're ready for a fantastic session.


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