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Class XI & XII

also available for NEET

Why choose Mr. Khan:

More than 3000 students coached so far.


More than 3000 students coached so far.


More than three decades of experience.


24/7 availability for clearing doubts.


Free trial classes for up to 20 calendar days.


"No questions asked" refund of fee - visit website for details.

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I teach physics to the students of 11th and 12th grade of CBSE. The emphasis is on fundamentals. This provides a solid foundation for competitive exams and advanced studies.

Teaching physics is an art. It is not simply giving definitions and derivations. I make things easy to absorb by spreading the ideas in nice, easy, and entertaining ways. I avoid long lectures and focus on problem-based, everyday application of physics. The goal is to enhance student engagement and maintain that throughout.

Although I know what I am teaching, I am not a walking encyclopedia. Rather, I am a facilitator of the process of learning physics. So if students ask a question, I let them think about the answer by asking related questions that could help them, and facilitate the answer. I encourage self-directed learning, and the ability of students to search for answers.

Ultimately, I try to enable the students to perform rather than just earn a certificate.

What do I teach?

What do you get when you subscribe to my courses?

  • One and a half hours, three days a week classes for online courses and two days a week classes for in-person courses.

  • Thirty hours extra classes in the month of June to accelerate the syllabus for in-person courses.

  • Free trial classes for up to 20 calendar days.

  • All the topics in the syllabus prescribed by CBSE are covered.

  • Study material and assignments prepared by me.

  • Assistance in solving all the exercises of assignments, NCERT books including ‘Exemplar Problems’ and selected ones from H C Verma’s ‘Concept of Physics’.

  • Assistance in solving previous years’ question papers.

  • ‘No question asked’ refund of fee if you decide to leave the course midway.

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